About the site :
Principle of this site, an informational base of the devolvement of motor vehicles parts, such as: MERCEDES, FOP, TAM, RABA, IKARBUS, ZASTAVA, IVECO, etc.
Additional services :

Available production of metal parts by the wish of customer. In that case customer needs to possess technical documentation.


Parts for motor vehicles shown on this site, represent a manufacturing program of a business company "Honer" located in Indjija (Serbia)

Realization of Honer manufacturing, is based on modern, up to date technological methods of metal processing and mainly is made in the same shop (section of this plant). Semi finished articles, which are usually castings, are obtained from a brand name manufacturer such as "Livnica Kiknda" from Kikinda, rest of the materials are obtained from other well known manufactures. Quality of semi finished articles is continuously monitored and controlled. Mechanical processing (modification) of parts is done in a manufacturing unit of Honer company, on universal and automatic machines. Final processing of internal surfaces of the cylinders is done with a method of superficial plastic deformation, done with the special device. This procedure enables top quality of the cylinder, regarding roughness of the surface and mechanical characteristics. Cylinders modified in this way have a longer lifetime than cylinders modified in the different way.

Activities :

Honer company is a registered manufacturer of spare parts and other metal products, this company is also registered trader.

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